oh hey there

I’m Victoria. I’m a reformed visionay who thought I knew exactly what I wanted, and I’m now learning to take it day by day with Jesus to uncover who He wants me to be.

One thing I do know? I was made on purpose, for this very moment. And so were you.

I want to give you the tools to discover exactly the person God made you to be and the unique purpose He has for you.

I want the ones who are lost, who are confused, who are passionate, who are afraid they’re too much, who are afraid they’re not enough, who want to wake up to who they are and what they’re made for.

Listen, friend: If you’ve tried every tip and trick out there, and you’re sitting here going, “Well, trust me, I’ve done it all and nothing’s changed,” maybe you’re living out of self-created perseverance rather than God-crafted purpose.

Let’s turn to the Maker, follow His heart, and see where He leads us. I’ll guide you thought it, and I have a feeling He won’t let us down.

you were made for this.

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Every Excuse Not to Go to Therapy—And Why You Shouldn’t Listen.

the everygirl

“Even though I’ve been doing therapy for a while, I still come up with every excuse to not get help when I need it. I think that’s just a human response to pursuing change – we are creatures of habit, no matter how damaging those habits are…”

I hate running and I trained with the nike windrunners

the everygirl

“I hate running.

Don’t get the idea that I actually really enjoy running because it’s currently “en vogue” to say you don’t work out and only eat pizza but still look toned and fit somehow — I really, truly, only eat the pizza…”

“workplace weakness” that are actually your greatest strengths

the everygirl

“I believed that to be in power, I had to be a specific definition of powerful, but we’re learning that’s not true. Leaders who activate feminine traits in their workplaces treat their team members as people first, and it’s changing everything.”