Resume Coaching

“Can I put my small group experience on my resume?”

The short answer: absolutely yes. But you know that translating your hours of prep and small group time into marketable skills isn’t the easiest thing.

But here’s a fact: soft skills—exactly like the ones you practice in your small group every single week—have never been more valuable in the workforce. Traits like empathy, active listening, creativity, and humility are among the most highly coveted skills in todays employees.

And you’ve got ‘em.

We just have to work together to make sure your future employer at your dream job knows they’re there.


what you get

  • 1 30-minute video consultation to talk through your experience

  • 1 follow-up resume or LinkedIn audit with a round of feedback

your investment

You’ll be investing $30 to boost your resume with skills you’ve been honing for years.